Sunday, August 16, 2009

Plans for Building a Great Tesla Coil

After hundreds of requests, I have put together a step by step manual on how to build a well designed classic 4 inch diameter Tesla Coil. Before embarking on this project, I purchased every set of Tesla Coil plans I could find. All were very disappointing to say the least. Some were even reprints of old magazine articles. There have been many tools made available in the last 10 years for Tesla Coilers, including several outstanding computerized design programs. None of the plans I saw took advantage of this technology. This well designed and thoroughly tested Tesla Coil is the same one I have been selling the component parts for in several of my packages. Over 100 Tesla Coils have been built with this proven design. The manual you will receive is 31 pages in length and has over 90 full color high resolution photos and diagrams. Check out my website,



  1. Hi Alan, your Tesla coil looks like a great project. It's seems like some of the Tesla plans are been disclosed at last.

    Are you still selling your Tesla blueprints on ebay?

  2. Yes, there is a link on my website,
    Thanks Alan