Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Tesla Coil Plans and Component Parts of

When embarking on the building of my first Tesla Coil ( a six month endeavor ), it quickly became apparent I was going to have to get creative to gather the parts I needed to build this thing. EBay was a blessing and allowed me access to many surplus parts. I was able to scrounge from many websites and still maintain my "pesky real job" while doing it. There were moments of frustration and many times had to purchase hundreds of an item that I only needed one of, I figured I would just sell the extra parts on eBay and that's how was born.

Why Build a Tesla Coil?

My name is Alan and I run While I was always interested in electronics as a hobby, I did not build my first Tesla Coil until I was 50 years old ( I am 53 now ). I frequently get questioned on why anyone would get involved in this hobby, I think my friend and fellow "Coiler" Miles Waldron said it best:

"As I muddled along one Halloween several years ago, I fell smack across some information on Tesla coils. Suddenly, I had to build one for myself. I had to! I had the fever. I can't tell you why. I just had to make one work.
From this innocent beginning, the electromagnetic force machine made out of
transformers and capacitors has passionately engaged my mind, caused me to meet with some particularly interesting individuals, and have many exciting adventures. This experience has taught me more about the essence of nature and science than any expensive education ever did.
Some people can read books, memorize facts, and take tests exceedingly well. Other people have to perform experiments, over and over again, to determine the true nature of things. Theory is wonderful, but until a useful engineered device exists it is not practical. For example, the issue of cold fusion brought forward by
Fleischmann and Pons. No one has ever made a perpetual motion machine, and this simple fact logically contradicts the existence of over unity technologies and devices. They may have uncovered an interesting low temperature fusion hydrino effect, but the result is not proven or practical. What is important to realize from this analysis is that you don't need a degree in quantum electrodynamics to understand the implications of the facts.
As a result of building Tesla Coils, and working with the Tesla Community, a pragmatic, possibly motley, group of like minded individuals has assembled. Within this group natural curiosity and common sense are considered the most important tools for creating new ideas, devices and technologies."